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Arnold Air Society & Silver Wings STEM Outreach


(To read more about the free membership, click HERE.)
The following AE membership benefits should enhance the STEM Outreach program:
*   Over 30 free K-12 educational products and other online resources (that meet nationalacademic standards of learning and address national STEM initiatives) supplement andenrich the core  curriculum. 
      (To view these products, click HERE.)
*   Eligibility to take Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) Flights in CAP airplanes and learn about how to integrate CAP’s AE/STEM products and programs into youth programs.
     (To learn about TOP Flights, click HERE.)
*   Eligibility to apply for $250 grants to conduct AE/STEM projects with youth.  
(Click HERE for information about the grants.)
To receive the complimentary memberships, interested AAS & SW members and the teachers and youth organization leaders with whom they work should go to  
         ****** Use Coupon Code ESO to waive the regular $35 for no cost.
          ****Check “yes” for the Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) Award  
              program to receive extra books to use in the STEM Outreach program.

Program Resources for Conducting the STEM Outreach Program:

2-    CAP will provide a class set of AAS/SW STEM Orientation completion certificates for distribution to the youth, the adult leaders, and the AAS/SW team members. (Click HERE  to view certificates.)


*******To order any of the above-mentioned products, an e-mail of request should be sent

To view or download associated lesson plans that come with product sets sent to AAS/SW teams:

1- Balsa Airplanes
Click HERE for Primary Balsa Airplane and Associated Lesson Plans
Click HERE for Intermediate Balsa Airplane and Associated Lesson Plans

2- Foam Rockets
Click HERE for Foam Rocket Lesson Plan
Click HERE for Fizzy Rocket Lesson Plan

3- AeroProps

Click HERE for AeroProp Lesson Plan

NOTE:  Lesson Plans include a lot of information for STEM Outreach teams to use as much or as little as they wish for their specific outreach program.

*******To connect AFA Chapters, CAP Units, and ROTC Units which may have AAS/SW teams, click HERE, enter your state,and the links to each organization will appear for each state.  Then, all can work together in this program!

Quick Start for AAS/SW STEM Outreach Program:

*  Locate a teacher or youth organization leader who may want to participate in the STEM Outreach program and coordinate time(s) for program implementation.   OR
*    Connect with a local aviation or space museum to inquire about conducting a youth STEM program in the museum to help the museum bring youth into the museum for awareness, education and support!  To learn more about the AFA's Air Museum Initiative of which to become involved, click HERE!    THEN
*  Contact to order program resources at least two weeks prior to program.
*    Contact local AFA chapter for any assistance desired!

Enjoy the experience! Take photos and share with CAP and the AFA. NOTE: Ensure students’ photographs are approved for sharing.

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