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Benefits to Aviation Museums Aligned with the AFA

Whether a thriving museum or a new or struggling museum, AFA chapter members can become awesome volunteers to:

  • act as museum docents to lead group tours and provide historical perspective of the museum displays;
  • join the museum board to help build the museum's public outreach initiatives;
  • help with museum restoration, research, or fundraising projects;
  • plan special AFA meetings or events in the museum to bring in AFA members and guests; or
  • work to help bring the public into the museum through community and educational outreach initiatives.

No matter how AFA members work with a museum, great mutual benefits evolve.  

Educational programs bring the greatest outreach potential.  When working with a museum, the AFA can partner with Civil Air Patrol, AFA's partner in aerospace/STEM education, to bring great dividends for educational programs. 

Specific ideas to enrich and supplement the museum's educational outreach programs:

  1. The opportunity for museum staff to become CAP Aerospace Education Members will build resources and program opportunities for outreach to students, educators, and the general public.  Museum staff who join as CAP AE members are also eligible to apply for free STEM Kits to use in museum education programs.
  2. The museum and AFA can work  as partners in conducting educator workshops at the museum.  Museum workshop attendees can receive complimentary  CAP AE memberships with free materials and instruction for integration of the aerospace theme into the curriculum in a relevant and applicable manner. 
  3. The museum can partner with educators and youth leaders to help them earn the free CAP K-12 Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) Award Program.  Click HERE for a sample flyer of how to promote this program at a museum. The AFA can work with the local CAP to arrange Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) Flights at a local airport for teachers who attend AFA-supported museum workshops.
  4. CAP’s variety of free educational products and online resources can help museums initiate beginning robotics, radio-controlled aircraft, satellite imagery, rocketry, and aeronautics programs with adults and students. These  programs can lead to museum-sponsored national competitions in programs such as FIRST and/or BEST Robotics, Team America Rocketry ChallengeReal World Design ChallengesAFA’s CyberPatriot program, etc. This can lead to museum partnerships with other aerospace-oriented organizations

If CAP programs or products are desired to be implemented in the AFA Museum Initiative programs, click HERE.  

For more information about any CAP aerospace/STEM programs, contact  



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