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CAP's Assistance

CAP has developed easily-integrated aerospace-themed STEM products and programs that engage K-12 educators and young people in hands-on, minds-on activities to enrich school curricula, youth organization programs, and community education programs.

AFA chapters across the country are using these free K-12 STEM products and programs as avenues to “improve grassroots efforts” to promote aerospace/STEM education programs in schools and youth programs.  AFA chapters can help museums provide these same CAP resources to educators and youth, as well. These programs come at no cost to the museums when a part of AFA outreach initiatives.    

  • Click HERE for free CAP AE Membership for educators involved in AFA Museum workshops and programs.
  • Click HERE for info about CAP's Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) Award program use with museums.
  • Click HERE for info about CAP's TOP Flights, which are an option to be incorporated into museum educator workshops.
  • Click HERE for info about how CAP Units can help perpetuate the AFA Museum Initiative.
  • Click HERE for info about benefits to Aviation Museums aligned with the AFA.   
  • Click HERE for a sample brochure about one museum's efforts to incorporate CAP's programs at their museum.
  • Click HERE for sample of museum-aligned CAP products that can be used in other museums.



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