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How AFA Chapters Get Started with the Museum Initiative

Utah's Hill AFB Museum Educators Workshop

Many AFA Chapters are already connected with area museums. 

Click HERE to check out AFA Chapter involvement in museums listed by state.  (Site is under development.  Suggestions for changes should be sent to
If not connected with a museum, it is easy to get started:
  • Determine if a museum is located near the chapter and poll chapter members to determine if/how the chapter or members are already connected.
  • Contact the museum director to determine interest in creating an alliance.  Click HERE to view and download an AFA Museum Initiative Brochure to use for introduction.
  • Determine common goals and resources that can be leveraged to the benefit of the AFA chapter and the museum.  Click HERE for ideas on how AFA volunteers can benefit the museum.
  • Discuss what local organizations could be contacted to help perpetuate the Museum Initiative.   A few examples are:  School Groups (public, private, parochial, or home schools); Boy or Girl Scout Groups; AF ROTC or JROTC Detachments, to include Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings (AAS/SW); YMCA groups; Community adult or youth organizations; Boys and Girls Clubs; and Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadrons/units.
  • Connect with the closest Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings unit to determine if they wish to support the Museum Initiative with their STEM Outreach Program.
  • Since CAP works closely with the AFA, AFROTC  (including AAS/SW), AFJROTC, and youth organizations, find out if there is a CAP unit in the area that may be interested in joining the AFA Museum Initiative efforts of the AFA chapter
    • Locate CAP units in each AFA state by clicking HERE OR by clicking  HERE and entering ZIP code at the “Find a Squadron Near You” box.   
  • If CAP units are desired to help perpetuate the AFA Museum Initiative, click HERE to determine how best to include them.
If CAP programs or products are desired to be implemented in the AFA Museum Initiative programs, click HERE.  


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