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How CAP Units Can Help

How CAP Units Can Help Perpetuate the AFA Museum Initiative


CAP has over 1,200 squadrons all across the country filled with aviation-passionate people. There are young people in those squadrons who dream of becoming involved in the aerospace industry. Just like other volunteer organizations, these local CAP squadrons usually struggle with funds to provide the youth, ages 12- 20, exciting and motivating “aerospace adventures.” By joining hands with the AFA and local aerospace museums, the cadets can have a place to come for meetings or special events that will capture their interest enough to bring along other youth and adults to enjoy the museum, as well.
Museums, also, usually have limited funding and depend on volunteers to work as docents to assist with community outreach events and restoration projects. CAP’s 61,000 volunteers nationwide can join hands with the AFA’s over 100,000 members and be of great joint value to museums. 
1-     A CAP squadron could meet at the museum on a weekly basis and become an integral part of the museum’s programs.
2-    CAP cadets are poised, polished, and usually quite articulate and can be wonderful docents and leaders at museum events. And, they are eager to do such things! 
3-    Local CAP members can be solicited to work with the AFA and museum staff to assist with youth/educator museum camps, workshops, or events. FIND VOLUNTEER LEADERS IN YOUR AREA
4-    CAP members may have historical memorabilia that can be used as a display area in the museum to honor the CAP members who have volunteered for our country since 1941.
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