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What Does CAP Do For AFA?

  • CAP adult, educator, and cadet members are encouraged to join their local AFA Chapter.  CAP members, click HERE for local AFA chapter locations and HERE for membership information. 

The AFA’s AE mission mirrors that of CAP.  Both organizations promote aerospace/STEM education to the general public in an effort to prepare for future national security of America.  Thus, in an effort to assist the AFA in fulfilling its AE mission, and in deep appreciation to the AFA for all the support given to CAP members, CAP also provides a variety of opportunities for AFA chapters to implement in their communities.

2016 FREE K-12 STEM Programs for AFA Chapters to use in their communities!!!  QUICK LINK

Full CAP Program Implementation Guidebook for AFA Chapters can be downloaded HERE  OR can be mailed hard copy by request to 

CAP ACE classrooms and schools need AFA sponsors.  Click HERE for AFA Chapter Registration Form to sponsor ACE shirts for classrooms, due to by extended deadline of 1 December. A list of 2015-2016 ACE schools is found HERE.    CAP will assign chapters to classrooms or chapters can locate their own classrooms. Please respond to by 1 December.

*******CAP Program Reporting and Request for Certificates

Check out September 2015 AFA AE Council Newsletter!


2015 CAP Annual Report to the Air Force Association

All programs offered to AFA chapters by CAP follow:

  • Free CAP AE Memberships that include myriad free aerospace/STEM education resources. (If this is all the chapter has the time to do, just seek local teachers and offer them this free membership which comes with all the free products and programs, below...  NOTE:  This special membership is NOT for large blanket use, but intended for AFA chapters to use with educators they can directly support in their communities.)

 In addition to the complimentary AE Memberships, there are several programs that AFA chapters can support in community classrooms, youth organizations, and aviation museums- again, at no cost to the chapters.  AFA chapters can use these programs as another avenue to “improve their grassroots effectiveness” to promote aerospace/STEM education. 

Click HERE for quick 2-page flyer on CAP Programs for AFA Chapters

  • Click HERE to  find the closest CAP Volunteer AE Officer to assist the AFA Chapter.
  • Click HERE and enter state to find AFA Chapters and closest CAP Squadrons.


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