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AFA: CAP's K-6 ACE Program Sponsor


Both CAP and AFA can agree: producing patriotic and technologically-prepared future citizens is of prime importance in maintaining global competitiveness and national security. In an effort to address America's need to promote character development and career options at an early age, CAP has developed an aerospace-themed program that excites and engages young people in grades K-6 in preparation for the future. AFA chapters can use this program as another avenue to “improve their grassroots effectiveness” to promote AE and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs that lead to strengthening the nation’s future STEM workforce.
Beginning January 2014, the AFA became The Presenting Sponsor of this exciting ACE program for young people in grades K-6... the stepping stone to the AFA's middle and high school STEM career preparation programs.         
The ACE program comes at no cost to schools!  YOUR AFA Chapter can easily sponsor and support these classrooms!
AFA chapters reach out to educators/schools or CAP helps connect the chapters with the schools to sponsor/support the classrooms.
AFA sponsorship of educators includes a complimentary CAP AE Membership that allows the educators entitlement to all the varied FREE CAP STEM products and programs! 
If AFA chapters wish to support classrooms with ACE t-shirts that promote team cohesiveness and public awareness of the AFA's educational outreach, complete the ACE Registration Form for AFA Chapters  (deadline extended to 15 December) and/or contact (A class set of 30 ACE shirts will cost $75: $2.50 per shirt.  This is the ONLY cost to AFA Chapters!) 
See THANK YOU Video from University Avenue Aerospace School to AFA's Rawlings Chapter in MN!  
ACE Program registration for teachers is open from 1 August - 1 December.   AFA Chapters that wish to sponsor classes for ACE shirts need to register using the ACE Registration Form by 15 December each year.  
The ACE program is a focused, grade-level specific program that includes program assessment tools that lead to results-driven program implementation. 
****  Participants have seen:
       >   a 27% increase in science thinking scores;
       >  a 46% increase in program knowledge via post test results; and
       >  a 4.5 out of 5 average score in program efficacy
93% of teachers in the program intend to continue the program the following year. 
Over 100,000 students nationwide have participated in the program since its inception in 2007. 
                                   AFA and CAP members join hands to support ACE Kids: Come Fly With Me!


The ACE Program was designed to integrate the aerospace theme in a cross-curricular manner in classrooms across America and includes three basic elements and fills three important needs for the schools of our nation:
Ø Academics to meet future STEM workforce demands
Ø Character education to combat negative societal forces and prepare productive/ethical/responsible/patriotic citizens 
Ø  Physical fitness training to create citizens living a healthy and drug-free lifestyle
The program components include a K-6 grade-level specific curriculum guide designed by educators and incorporating fun, inquiry-based activities in 150 lesson plans that meet national academic standards of learning and address national STEM initiatives. Associated grade-level class sets of educational manipulative items enhance the hands-on approach of ACE.
Ø The lessons are designed so that anyone can easily and inexpensively teach the lessons, to include classroom volunteers, such as AFA chapter members.
Ø The educational materials supplement and enrich school systems' core curricula.
Ø The program can become a school-wide collaborative program wherein the classroom teacher can teach the academics sections; the counselor can teach the character ed sections, and the physical ed instructor can teach physical fitness. 


CAP provides AFA-sponsored teachers participating in the CAP ACE Program a free AE membership, with all associated benefits, as well as a free grade-level appropriate ACE curriculum guide of 21 lessons, class sets of lesson resources and ACE completion certificates for students and teacher plaque, and ACE award/grant opportunities. Class sets of ACE t-shirts can be provided as AFA chapters wish to sponsor the shirts for the class..  AFA is printed as The Presenting Sponsor on the shirts, the curriculum guides, and the certificates/plaques.  ACE teachers are given an order form for ACE shirts in hopes of an AFA chapter partnering with them to sponsor the cost of the shirts.  That info for ACE educators is found HERE.


ACE instructors are K-6 educators who are CAP aerospace educator members.  These educators could be classroom teachers or leaders of youth organizations.  ACE instructors are required to complete at least 10 of the 21 grade-level lessons during the school year to receive all ACE program resources. (If the program needs to be used in an informal manner, without the 10-lesson requirement, teachers may obtain the curriculum guide either online or in print to conduct the lessons.)
ACE instructors are encouraged to invite other school staff members, parents, and community volunteers to teach individual lessons to the students during the school year. This brings a variety of positive role models into the classroom from which students can learn important life skills. AFA members would be excellent positive role models for the young people!


 ACE Program registration for teachers is open from 1 August - 1 December. AFA Chapters that wish to register to sponsor classes for ACE shirts need to register using the ACE Registration Form extended until15 December each year.


AFA chapters can “sponsor” classrooms in the ACE program by introducing the teachers to the program and offering to assist in any appropriate or possible manner. Suggested ways AFA chapter members can support the teacher’s efforts:
Ø Offer to participate as guest speaker(s) or help arrange for special aerial-related demonstrations at a school ACE “Lift-off” event or culmination ceremony
Ø Offer to arrange student tours of local airport, military installation, aerospace museum or other aerospace-related facility
Ø Volunteer to teach one or more ACE lessons, which would enhance the service option of the chapter’s partnership with the school and share the message with young people that “we care about you and your future”
Ø Upon completion of the program, make a special presentation of the ACE educator plaque and student certificates at an appropriate school event (Note: AFA is printed as The Presenting Sponsor on these plaques and certificates.)
Ø Offer to purchase ACE shirts for one or more classes at $75 per class of 30 ($2.50 per shirt).  (For more information, contact   For a chapter to register to sponsor ACE classes for the shirt program, the registration form is found HERE.  These forms need to be returned to by 15 December each year so shirts can be ordered by the end of December.


Ø Locate a K-6 instructor who may want to participate. 
Ø Direct instructor to ACE website: and share ACE flyer.
Ø Determine level of commitment from teacher and chapter    
Ø Assist in any manner or request assistance from
If instructor is interested, contact for registration before 30 November.



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