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FREE CAP STEM Programs for AFA Chapters

The 2015-2016 academic year was amazing for CAP's members and treasured partner, the AFA. View video HERE(AFA's partnership logo is shown at 1:45 minutes...)

More is in store for AFA chapters to provide all of these free CAP STEM products and programs to local educators NOW. Read More…

The National AFA and CAP organizations have joined hands to provide AFA chapters an opportunity to provide FREE K-12 STEM products and programs to local educators the chapter can assist and support---at no cost to the chapters or the educators!  CAP squadrons and AFA chapters are encouraged to join to perpetuate exciting STEM outreach.  Additionally, as the Presenting Sponsor of the CAP/AFA K-8 Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) program, AFA chapters can become the sponsor of ACE classrooms and entire schools by purchasing class ACE shirts for $75 per class of 30. CAP provides the educational components of the program at no cost to the AFA and/or educators.

                    Each AFA chapter can become involved with two easy options!
1-      Sponsor one or more local educators with the FREE CAP AE Membership.
·         See all the free STEM materials and get the FREE membership code for educators to join HERE. 
      > Each educator your AFA chapter sponsors can receive about $1,000 worth of free STEM materials each year!
·         Sponsorship is open year-round. Contact for more information, if needed.
2-      Sponsor one or more classes and/or schools with the $75 per class of 30 ACE program shirts!
·         Find out how your chapter can be a part of the exciting ACE program for which the AFA is the Presenting Sponsor. Click HERE.
·        AFA chapter registration for sponsorships of ACE classes regularly closes 15 November, but the deadline has been extended until 15 December for chapters to decide how many classes and/or schools they wish to financially support with the ACE shirts that proudly recognizes the AFA as the ACE Presenting Sponsor. 

*** For ideas about how YOUR chapter can connect with local classrooms and/or schools, read the story of the TX Alamo AFA Chapter working with the TX CAP to get rural students to "Come Fly With Me."

*** The Rawlings AFA Chapter in MN sponsored the 2015-2016 National ACE School, University Avenue ACEs School.  See thank you video HERE!

The Ft. Wayne AFA Chapter 143 sponsored the 2016-2017 National ACE Lift-off event to start this new academic year! See photos and notes below...

Led by the AFA GLR president, Paul Lyons, in October 2016, the Ft. Wayne AFA Chapter 143 and the GLR AFA joined hands with the GLR CAP to sponsor the 2016-2017 National ACE Lift-off event in Yoder, IN, at St. Aloysius K-8 Catholic School. The school was selected as the national lift-off site as they were named the 2016 National ACE School; their lead ACE instructor, Lt Tony Vining, a CAP volunteer at the school, was named the 2016 National ACE Educator; and Henry Kiracofe was named one of the 2016 National ACE Students. The school principal, Mrs. Tina Voors, worked with the AFA and CAP to provide the entire school an exciting day of aviation experiences and STEM enrichment activities, to include a Lutheran Air helicopter landing and tour. The entire school was proud to be the first school to wear the distinctive, new 2016-2017 ACE shirt: “purple for power."  Thanks to the Ft. Wayne AFA Chapter for leading the way for this academic year. 


                         2016 ACE National Award Winners: CAP Lt Tony Vining, Student Henry Kiracofe, and Principal Tina Voors   

                          join CAP Cadets and AFA Ft. Wayne President, Brandon Monticue, and GLR AFA President, Paul Lyons


                                                          Girls Rock in the CAP/AFA ACE Program!


                   Special Guests at the 2016-2017 National CAP/AFA ACE Lift-off Event!


Balloon launch with cards to track distance and locations.  AeroProps and Lutheran Air Helicopter lift off!

Special guest speaker, Capt David Ehrman, CAP Spaatz Cadet #24, shared aviation information and stories with students.

      Lutheran Air helicopter team shared the mission and principles of flight of the rotorcraft. 


Questions? Contact, Susan Mallett.    

CAP/AFA STEM Program Coordinator, Susan Mallett, with special guest, Lt Col Sam Conte, CAP and AFA Ft. Wayne member!


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