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K-12 AEX Program for AFA Chapter Support


Both CAP and AFA agree: producing patriotic and technologically-prepared future citizens is of prime importance in maintaining global competitiveness and national security. 
In an effort to address America's need to promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects and careers, CAP has developed an easily-integrated aerospace-themed award program that engages K-12 youth in hands-on, minds-on activities to supplement the core curriculum and enhance museum and youth organization STEM outreach initiatives. 
AFA chapters can use this program as another avenue to “improve their grassroots efforts” to promote AE/STEM programs that lead to strengthening the nation’s ability to meet its defense needs with technological superiority.  The program comes at no cost to the AFA chapters. 


The Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) Award Program was designed to integrate the aerospace theme in a cross-curricular manner in K-12 classrooms and/or museums and youth organizations across America. CAP provides a variety of free AEX-appropriate educational materials to conduct this program.   
  • The program is designed to provide easy and inexpensive STEM enrichment activities for youth, whether in CAP or JROTC units, classrooms, home schools, museum youth camps, or youth organizations.
  • Upon completion of six AEX activities (free AEX books provided) and  one 2-hour event, any classroom teacher, CAP leader,  JROTC instructor, museum youth outreach coordinator, or youth organization leader will receive AEX certificates for all educators and youth involved. 
  • Including a field trip to an air museum for the required 2-hour culminating AEX event is a perfect way to promote the AFA Air Museum Initiative within AFA chapters. In fact, encouraging air museum educational outreach coordinators to conduct one-day AEX camps for youth is an excellent idea!  Some museums have had a CAP AEX Day; a JROTC AEX Day; a Scout AEX Day; or a community youth AEX Day wherein all six activities are completed at the museum with a museum tour to close out the day.  AFA chapter representatives assist with program events and/or in AEX certificate presentation at the close of the event.  (In the one-day museum events, arrangements must be made with to pre-order AEX museum plaque and certificates PRIOR to event.)  


  • AEX Program registration and participation is year round.
  • Any youth organization can be involved in the AEX program.
  • Any age group, grades K-12, can be involved in the AEX program. 
  • Adult participants must be a member of CAP. Any classroom teacher, JROTC instructor, home school teacher, museum youth outreach leader, or youth organization leader can become a CAP Aerospace Education Member (AEM). When working with an AFA chapter, any of these educators can receive a complimentary membership- with no charge at all- due to CAP’s reciprocal partnership with the AFA.  For information on complimentary AFA supported CAP AE Membership, click HERE.  


  •  Registration for the AEX program is easy, using on-line process found at the online AEX link.
  •  Six AEX activities, or six aerospace/STEM-themed lessons from the educator's curriculum, are required for completion.
  •  A two-hour or longer aerospace/STEM activity to culminate the program is required, such as a field trip to an air museum, or, a rocket or hot air balloon launch, or a robotics, paper airplane, or radio-controlled airplane event.
  •  The program can be completed over a period of time, or, during a week-end or two-day event, or, even as a full-day program held at an air museum, as mentioned above. 
  •  Completion of the AEX program is easy, using on-line directions found at the AEX link.


AFA chapters can support STEM community outreach with the AEX program by introducing educators, museums, or youth organizations to the program and offering to assist in any appropriate or possible manner. Suggested ways chapter members can provide program support:
  • Volunteer to teach one or more AEX lessons, which would enhance the service option of the chapter’s partnership with the school, youth organization, or museum, and share the message with young people that “we care about you and your future.”
  • Offer to arrange student tours of local air museum, airport, military installation, or other aerospace-related facility for the culminating 2- hour event.
  • Upon completion of the AEX program, make a special presentation of the AEX teacher or leader plaque and student certificates at an appropriate school, museum, youth organization, or chapter event.  (Note: AFA is included as a program partner on plaques/certificates.)


  • Locate a K-12 instructor, or, a museum or youth organization, for program participation.
  • Share the free CAP AE Membership with the educator or museum leader (if not already a CAP member) for receipt of a choice from over 30 grade-level appropriate educational products, to include the AEX books for use in the program.  Share the complimentary AE Membership flyer with the interested educator.
  • Direct instructor to AEX Website for program review and registration, if interested.  (For program assistance, contact
  • Determine level of commitment from participants and chapter.
  • Assist with program activity presentations, if requested by educator, youth organization or museum education leader.
  • Assist with connecting educator or youth organization and an air museum for culminating museum tour OR for museum to conduct the optional one-day AEX camp at the museum to complete entire program. (For a list of museums in each state, click HERE.)
  • Offer to present AEX certificates at the end of the program at the museum, or in the school or youth organization--- or at a chapter event; whatever is workable for both the chapter and the educator, youth organization, or museum. (Ensure that is notified well in advance of presentation date so the certificates will be available for presentation.  If the museum is planning to do the one-day AEX camp option, the certificates can be ordered prior to date of event.)
  • ENJOY the opportunity to work with youth in classrooms or youth organizations, connect JROTC or CAP cadets with a museum for a full day event, or assist a museum in conducting a great one-day youth outreach event! 
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