Civil Air Patrol

Duty Overview

 When a CAP member is assigned to fill the AEO position, the member must enroll in Speciality Track 215 of the Senior Member Training Program, unless the member holds an aerospace education specialty rating (ref. CAPR 35-1, Asignment and Duty Status). See CAP Pamphlet 15, CAP Reg 280-2, and CAP Pamphlet 215 for a more complete listing of duties/responsibilities expected of an AEO.

CAP Pamphlet 15
CAP Reg 280-2
CAP Pamphlet 215

Local Wing/Region
Oversee the aerospace education portion of the cadet and senior member programs Ensure training for newly appointed aerospace education officers
Ensure cadet orientation flights are taking place Develop and carry out the wing plan of action for aerospace education
Weekly current events discussion Visit subordinate units
Work with the unit activities officer to plan enrichment activities. Provide program support as necessary and reasonable
File reports as required by regulation; brief unit commanders regularly Report names of members earning Yeager awards; issue certificates
Support wing/region/national activities Report on your program
Support the AE outreach programs in the community Support the program with a regular newsletter or column in the wing newsletter
  Ensure the dissemination of changes in programs, regulations, policies, and procedures relevant to aerospace education 
  Support external Aerospace Education outreach programs and activities
  Ensure nominations are made for grants and awards


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