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Aerospace Education Excellence Program (AEX) For Senior Members

2016-17 AEX Certificate Template

2015-16 AEX Certificate Template


When you have received your certificates, click the above title to open a pdf that allows you to customize each certificate with the member's name, commander's name and unit as well as the date. Always print a test page before using the official AEX certificate(s) provided by CAP! Make adjustments as needed after printing the test page(s). Please be sure your template matches the certificate year.

The Civil Air Patrol offers a very popular program free to its members that involves doing hands-on aviation and space-related activities with cadets, students and senior members. It is called AEX, and the acronym stands for  "Aerospace Education Excellence"

Participants receive full-color books that feature national standards-based   aerospace hands-on activities. The requirements are simple: complete six aerospace activities and one two-hour or longer field experience (space day, trip to the airport or museum, etc.) to earn an instructor certificate plus color certificates for your students. The activities are designed to fit into any curriculum. Any schools' state-approved curriculum may replace or supplement the AEX activities created for this program. In this case, lesson plans for supplemental activities will need to be attached to final reporting form. AEX program activities should take place from Oct. 1 - Sept. 30 each year.

All of the projects featured in AEX I (Volumes 1 and 2) (grades K-5) or AEX II (Volumes 1 and 2) (grades 6-12) are very "teacher-friendly" and involve readily available, low-cost materials.

To Register

Go to eServices at  Click on "AEX" in the right column under the heading "My Favorites." Then, click "Apply for AEX" in the left column. Registration is required for each year (Oct. 1 - Sept. 30) you choose to participate.

When you are ready to enter your AEX activities, return to eServices and click "AEX." Then click "AEX Award Report." You may enter the AEX activities as each one is finished, or you may wait until all activities are completed. This must be done no later than Sept. 30. You should submit your completion report at least 3 weeks prior to needing certificates!

Adams State University in Colorado offers graduate credit to instructors who complete the AEX Program.  For details, send an email inquiry to the university's extended studies department

E-mail questions to .

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